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MRTA Membership Information and Application







MRTA Membership Benefits



Diversify and make some additional income

Meet new people from all over the world and make new friends

Share your life-style with urban people so they can better understand the limitations of our resource-based livelihoods

Promote Your Business

  • Listing in the MRTA brochure with map of members’ locations that is:

    • Mailed by MRTA, in response to inquiries

    • Mailed in information kits by Travel Manitoba

    • Distributed to Tourism Information Centres throughout Manitoba

    • Distributed at public events in Manitoba and North Dakota

  • Listing in the Travel Manitoba Travel Guides

  • Listing in the MRTA Website with personal Website address, i.e. www.countryvacations/

  • Listing in the Travel Manitoba Website

  • Be represented at Trade Shows in Manitoba

  • Opportunities to be included in new MRTA promotional programs


Recognized Standards           

  • Belong to an organization with standards designed for ‘Country Vacation’ businesses, not hotels and motels


Peer Support

  • Opportunities to meet and learn from your peers



  • Opportunities to meet other tourism operators and develop packages and other mutually beneficial relationships


Keep Informed

  • Notifications of workshops and conferences

  • Notifications of events where you can promote your business


Protect Your Interests

  • Be part of an organization that:

    • Speaks on behalf of the interests of its members

    • Promotes rural tourism development

    • Promotes the sustainability of rural Manitoba


Become a Member of MRTA .